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It is for the first timethat a community of lawyers, merchants, accountants, consultant and generally almost different kinds of careers have banded together following the goal of establishment of a specialized group  in order to attract foreign investment  and privatize industries (article 44 Islamic Republic of Iran's constitutional law) in accordance with Islamic Republic of Iran's policies. This group is to help foreign investors to establish and improve their lawful objectives and benefit from the knowledge of national and international experts.  

Spending reasonable expenses and appropriate time, we offer you our service to rate and evaluate consumer market, commence your business, and register your lawful activities in Iran. We also help you to establish your offices and companies and provide you with equipping your work places and recruiting your human resources. Moreover, in this process, the best Iranian lawyers are to consult you and render their specialized services to you by the end of their obligation. (Please see the Investment Service page to find the complete explanation of our service) 

In this regard, we are not to give up until per-mentioned objectives get achieved. The 80 million consumer market would benefit foreign investors in accordance with government macroeconomic policy of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iranian people demand high quality goods and Iranian market is now accessible to foreign investors after almost 36 years pursuant to Adoption ofincentivepolicies and removing some sanctions.

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