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Why Iran

Iran is a country of dynamic economy, where the east meets the west by a modern connection network.Iran is an important constituent of the ancient Silk Road. The country has an extremely advantageous position between Asia and Europe, between the Mediterranean, the Caspian and the Black seas playing an important role in international trade. With a business environment ideal for investment, as well as its young and qualified workforce, Iran is the best
choice for your investment.

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Success Stories
“The reason we came to Invest in Iran is: one, the size of its population in the Middle East is among the largest and the economy in the Middle East is among the best. The resources of the country are great. You have a lot of trained employees and a lot of ambitious young generations.” Mamoun EL Dawood, SVP – SAVOLA Behshahr Co. “I must say they were very open, positive and supportive all along in the process of getting the permissions for investment, in buying the land, establishing the company. We had all kinds of positive support from the officials that we had contacted with.” Ziya Domanic, Unilever Iran Managing Director One of the things I think some of the international manufacturers are losing out is staying away from Iran and I think that is something they need to consider. They need to come here and see what potential this market offers, what we are doing, what the other
local competitors are doing and they need to build from there. Staying away from Iran doesn’t necessarily give you the knowledge or the money that you want to make. End of the day, we are all here to make money. Irteza Qoreshi, Manager of Kan Sai Paint

when we decided to come to Iran, we looked to a number of factors. We noticed that the Iranian market was quite well developed; the road infrastructure and electricity was very stable; the population was very exciting. We noticed that people are well educated in Iran. We saw the opportunity, and we started the business in Iran. Ferdinand Moolman, MTN-Irancell Chief Operating Officer I think Iran is a good country to do big business and if I had something to say to the foreign investors, the first is that they have
to come and see it for themselves. Mustapha Grissi, Managing Director of Auto Chassis International We are quite successful in our first store and I think the feedback
we have from our customers is overall positive. We have 15 Million visitors per year in our stores and for sure we’d like to plan to expand in the coming years. Thierry Joulin, Country Manager of Maf Hyper Markets of Pars

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Iran Economic Advantages The 18th largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity (PPP). The diversified economy and broad industrial base with over 40 industries directly involved in the Tehran Stock Exchange is the largest industrial base in the MENA region Resource-rich economy Labor-rich economy Young and educated population Large domestic market The Middle East market is a prime market opportunity for Iran’s non-oil exports Developed infrastructure in transportation, telecommunications and energy Strategic location, surrounded by 15 land and sea neighbors, can serve as a lucrative trade and transit route in both northsouth and east-west directions Tax exemptions and incentives

A Resource-Rich Economy
Diversified, Hydrocarbon-rich Economy
4th largest oil producer in the World
2nd highest gas reserves in the World
One of the top producers of Zinc, Lead, Cobalt,
Aluminum, Manganese and Copper in the world.
Ranks amongst the top 7 countries in producing 22
important agricultural products
Infrastructure & Population
Sector Capacity Rank in
the world
Telephones - main
lines in use
25.804 million (2009) 11
Telephones -
mobile cellular
52.555 million (2009) 21
Airports 319 (2010) 24
Railways 8,442 km 26
Roadways 172,927 km 28
Population 77,891,220 (July 2011 est.) 18
Electricity -
212.8 billion kwh (2009 est.) 19
Highlights of Tax Holidays
Activity Level of
Duration of
Agriculture 100% Perpetual
Industry and Mining 80% 4 Years
Industry and Mining in Less-
Developed Areas
100% 20 Years
Tourism 50% Perpetual
Export of services & non-oil
During 5th
Handicraft 100% Perpetual
Educational & sport services 100% Perpetual
Cultural activities 100% Perpetual
Salary in Less-Developed Areas 50% Perpetual
All Economic Activities in Free Zones 100% 20 Years

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ORGANIZATION FOR INVESTMENT, ECONOMIC & TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE OF IRAN Founded in June 1975, OIETAI is the sole official authority for the promotion and protection of foreign investments in Iran. ROLE & RESPONSIBILITY As the main investment authority, OIETAI is responsible for receiving and processing foreign investment applications. OIETAI also presents investment opportunities to potential foreign investors and serves them by way of assisting, coordinating and facilitating all issues pertaining to their investments throughout the licensing process and ever after. FACILITY To facilitate the FDI procedures in Iran, OIETAI provides investment services with a One-Stop-Shop approach in its “Foreign Investment Service Centre” (FISC) FIPPA Foreign Investment Promotion & Protection Act The legal framework of foreign investment regime in Iran is defined under the FIPPA. Ratified in 2002, FIPPA replaced its predecessor LAPFI (which was in effect since 1955) to further improve the legal framework for foreign investments in Iran.

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