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In the name of God who is the creature of human beings and has been consummating him to respect other people's rights and freedom . Therefore, according to the mutual respect, the governors do lawmaking not only for protect their nations, but for observance of human dignity and humanity beyond its territory.

Now, we are happy to celebrate our second decade activity to preserve human rights without any discrimination regarding different religions, races, and colors. We do appreciate you and your government to allow us to serve your people.

As long as the policies of our country is based on reciprocal respect and seeking more development of political, social, cultural, and economic connections with other states , our purpose is to have new steps for welfare of your honorable government and nations.

Therefore, we offer you, respectable official authority, the following legal services:

1) Giving legal advice to the governmental guests or the members of the distinguished Embassy in Islamic Republic of Iran:

                1-1) at Dadvarzan law firm,

                1-2at guest state Embassy.

2) Providing your honorable nationals and merchants with legal services regarding their economic and cultural plans and trade contracts.

3) Providing the Iranians who have legal residence in your country with legal services regarding civil, criminal, commercial, Family, Registration, Nationality and other cases.

5) Help to nationals or resident:

                5-1) To provide visa,

                5-2) Help to book suitable room in hotel or rent furnished/unfurnished accommodation.

5-3) companionship and give legal services during the stay time in Islamic Republic of Iran.

5-4) Help to hire technical and service staff.



5-5) Establishing a law department at investment and trade offices or giving legal advice regarding investment and trade issues at Dadvarzan law firm.

5-6) Giving advice to launch a business, gaining legal licenses, , and employment of staff for foreign investor.

5-7) Defending of investor's rights.

5-8) Take an action for clients in tribunals.

5-9) Acceptance of official agency of foreign people.

6) Acceptance of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution in all the legal issues.

7) Help and giving advice regarding patent and registration of trade mark, trade name, industrial design, software’s, geographical indication and other cases of Intellectual Property.

7-1) Sue a person who violates the Intellectual Property law to prevent abuses.

7-2) Sue a person who violates the rights of well-known trademarks.