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Lawyers without Borders Code of Conduct

Whatever human being do is for obtain profit and goodnamely act of humankind has destination and these destinations have ranks, surely felicity and happiness are ultimate destination and absolute agreeable. But people suppose felicity and happiness in different ways. Some of them desire to enjoyment , some other to wealth and numbers of them to ambition, every one suppose himself victorious to gain it completely, But if we look true we will see nobody could not arrive to its destination unless always do his duty in best way and doing duty properly for everybody is his excellence. So, ultimate destination of humankind mean felicity and happiness attained from excellence thus we are according to our duty and no destiny, oath to accomplish perfection that:

  • Never ignore injustices unless we were not in the world.
  • Never discriminate on the basis of race, color, rich, poor and try to demand the rights of people.
  • Never be afraid of our obligation owing to wealth, enjoyment or eminence even it is difficult to operate because doing a duty eagerly bring us to the fullest.
  • No doubt the results of ancestors from their scientific efforts and their theories and opinions are very worthy and valuable, but we try to amaze posterity and until human beings follow the law, we will illuminator way of our kids.
  • We found that with all of our existence to try to put the foot on the path of thinking of awake conscience , awake cruel and despot persons and regimes from their negligent sleep and after that through angel of justice we can arrive a god who is most complete Just and clear the world from lie, deceit, hypocrisy, fratricide, genocide, poverty, oppression, because we believe nobody could not arrive to its destination unless always do his duty in best way and doing duty properly
  • At the end we oath to all the knowledge of humankind from down to now, from human rights to unknown space galaxy, from Adam to latest, that not in according to surrender rather with power and courage never use any law to escapes guilty from justice and honor all human rules even we do not propose that complete.