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Legal Service

The legal service provides member firms and their clients with carefully-vetted legal services in major business centers worldwide. Formed as a nonprofit association more than 10 years ago, our members collaborate to ensure clients receive attentive and personalized service wherever their legal needs arise, without the conflicts, bureaucracy or fee levels common in global firms. We ensure firm quality through a careful selection process and an annual evaluation of all members.  

The legal service has regional subgroups which provide a platform for members to pool their jurisdictional knowledge. In this way, the legal service better serves clients requiring cross-border counsel. Regional meetings and conference calls are held throughout the year to discuss subjects of shared interest. In addition to our regional groups, the legal service has various strategic committees which support the organization and our members in providing optimal client service.

Note that members of the legal service are not affiliated in the joint practice of law. Each member firm is an independent law firm and renders professional services on an individual and separate basis.

Our Principles
The legal service considers certain fundamentals critical to client service and member firm quality. Our members share these values and we carefully evaluate prospective firms to ensure they will uphold these qualities:

Responsiveness: When receiving a referral, a member firm will contact the receiving firm by e-mail or telephone within 24 hours.

Reputation: Our members abide by the ethical rules universally appropriate for lawyers and law firms, particularly the International Code of Ethics.

Quality: Each of our firms agrees to an annual vetting process to ensure the quality and professionalism of our group remain at the highest levels.

Commitment: Member firms approach the law firm and each other with an investment mind-set. Building relationships is important, and law firms agree to attend the Annual Meeting and a regional or interest group meeting each year.

Accessibility: Member firms agree to keep their profiles and contact information accurate and complete on our website and respond in a timely fashion to requests for updates to other firm information.

Visibility: Our members become more visible to clients and potential clients by authoring articles for our various publications, thereby increasing their presence within the legal service and helping further the organization’s reputation.